New Lab New Food

So when we last talked I may have forgotten to mention that I was moving. My apologies. Through much stress and resettling I completely forgot to keep on blogging. After much lost sleep over not feeling at home I’ve finally settled in and am adjusting to new kitchen space and a rebuilding of food supplies. Oh and I can’t forget the tiny new stove:HPIM1704

At least it’s still gas.

In the wake of moving-ness I had been tending to not eat at home. That combined with gorgeous weather lately has lead to many a grilling experience at a friend’s house. Now that the kitchen is up and running I find myself stuck with some surplus. Namely Smart Dogs and hot dog buns. Since I didn’t want to get the grill out I thought, “Why not go over the top in a way you could never do while grilling at a friend’s house.” With that in mind I produced what you see here:HPIM1706

I admit the broccoli was unnecessary. But hey…I try to get as many green leafy vegetables in as possible lest I just gorge myself on soy and starch.

Haha. Reggie & The Full Effect’s F.O.O.D. just came on. How appropriate.

Alright, back to it. Here’s the quick version (minus steamed broccoli):
– Heat a frying pan/giant saute pan that I looooove at medium-hi.
– Once it’s heated put in some olive oil (1 tbsp or a bit more)
– Drop in about a cup of chopped yellow onion and let cook.
– While that’s going prepare a bit more than a cup of sliced Baby Bella mushrooms and dice half of an avocado. A tip on avocados: It’s nearly impossible to find one that is ripe but not overripe at the cheap kind of grocery stores I find myself at too often. So, either go to the co-op or buy an underripe one and let it ripen under your watch. Keeping it in a paper bag at room temperature works for doing it fast. Otherwise if you just want it stored until needed you can drop it into the crisper drawer and just give it a squeeze every couple days. To prepare I always just cut it in half the long way (think the cover of that one Pearl Jam album) and then stab the pit and yank it out.
-Once the onions are getting soft toss in the mushrooms and a splash of sherry.
– Once those are getting cooked and the whole kitchen smells delicious, add a bit of salt and then put in the smart dogs.
– As the smart dogs plump drop in the diced avocado and stir less frequently to keep it from getting mushed everywhere.
– Once your smart dogs are done (don’t overdo them…the realism of them wears off fast when they’re over cooked) put them on buns with BBQ sauce (store bought this time, haven’t made another batch yet), a healthy dose of your veggie mixture and then put some cheese on top. I used colby, but just about anything would be delicious.
– Then just dig in. You probably want to keep a fork handy, but I managed to eat most of them the tradtional way without too much mess.

And there you are. An update after far too much time. The future looks brighter though. Not only is my kitchen established, but I can now grill without using stairs and I even have a little patch to try gardening in. That’s right, you can read about I how I kill poor little vegetable plants through a complete lack of skill. Sounds exciting doesn’t it?

Just wait.


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One Response to “New Lab New Food”

  1. Kris Says:

    Wow, that’s a hell of a meal. Very summery. I had a hotdog at Food Fight recently, all plump from the steamer. Made me remember working at the convenience store and the days of convenience store Jim and liquor store Jim. Anyway, it was good and I’ve been craving some hotdogs, which is weird because I usually hate them. Yum for avocado.

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