BBQ Sauce!

Just a note on something that is definitely going to become an obsession.

After much thinking and very little doing I finally buckled down and made my own BBQ sauce. Barbeque and I go way back and my love of both grilling and the sauces never even flinched when I stopped eating meat. With that said, the fact that I threw together a perfectly edible (perhaps moreso than some brands I’ve eaten) sauce within about 40 minutes makes me endlessly happy.


If you mix 4 parts tomato paste with 1 part vinegar, 1 part molasses and 1-1.5 parts brown sugar with some salt (1/8-1/4 part?) and simmer for about 20-30 min while adding whatever your heart desires (I used red onion, garlic powder, cayenne pepper & black pepper) you can have your own BBQ sauce too. If you have any doubt just look at the back of any store bought sauce and you will feel better about it.

Fair warning: You will make a mess! Even with a not pictured, but I swear I used one)

Also, the sauce will try to burn your hand when you lift the lid to stir, so be careful.

Here is the finished product when paired with a portabella cap, asparagus and red onion that I sauteed in some oil and balsamic vinegar while the sauce was simmering:blog-32209-001-35b1

I left the beer in the picture, because it was an equally important part of the meal.

I will keep the BBQ updates coming as developments are made. The eventual goal is to have a collection of beer-based sauces. And yes (Portland people) it will mostly be with high quality, micro-brewed beer. Grain Belt just holds a special place in my heart.


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6 Responses to “BBQ Sauce!”

  1. Jen Lang Says:

    Love homemade sauce, hate the mess – and hate making it on an electric range. Ever made Seitan? I hear it’s good with BBQ:

  2. krispycheks Says:

    I’m so making that BBQ sauce! I have always been a lover of BBQ, but have never made it myself. I could see adding some liquid smoke, too, for a hickory flavor. Yum.

    So when I come to visit this summer, you’re going to cook for me, right?

  3. Jen Lang Says:

    Well, in case you need vital wheat gluten for seitan, you have a friend in the food industry. We….tend to use it in large quantities.

  4. krispycheks Says:

    I will make some kick ass seitan for you this summer, my friend. I have a killer recipe. Several of them, in fact, for your chicken or sausage needs.

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